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The “ URL Call Disabled” message sometimes means the cable that the phone is plugged into no longer has an internet connection, or that networking has stopped working on that line, or that DNS look-ups fail from there. Look up the phone’s address settings using the following steps: Press the button on your phone marked “Menu” Above is a very simple troubleshooting request and using a popular search engine => here <= brings plenty of the same replies (even some Videos) showing the same exact Error Message " URL Call disabled " Polycom Phones can be configured by End Users, but if you struggle further I would really advise you to seek professional help as already suggested. Company Name: 8x8 Inc. Authorized Name: Marcus Moore. Service Address: 2125 Onel Dr. San Jose, CA 95131.

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Symptom: The phone is stuck in a rebooting pattern and continually fails to boot properly. As the phone is starting to reboot, select “SETUP” from the menu options. You will be prompted for a password, enter “456” DHCP CLIENT should be; Scroll down to “DHCP Menu …” and hit “SELECT” Ensure a proper connection to the 8x8 Provisioning Server. Obtain your phone's administrator password. From the Menu/Home screen, select Settings.

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50%. a. Copy Login URL to IDP Login URL. b.

8x8 url calling is disabled

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I believe the issue must be on their side. If the IP address can be pinged, but not the URL sip.ringcentral.com, there is a problem with the DNS Server. DNS is usually provided by the ISP. Workaround: Change the DNS in the router's DHCP Server to Google's DNS server at or the Level 3 DNS server at 5. Routing Issue.

8x8 url calling is disabled

What The Error Means. The phone(s) do have an IP address, which means they are wired correctly.

Integrate InformaCast Fusion with 8x8 Phone Systems. Customers who use 8x8 call control and InformaCast notifications are able to add significant value to their organizations for rich telephony experiences along with the safety and workplace communications available from InformaCast. 3 styles with inline editable feature. Manage your business from anywhere with 8x8 Work for Mobile Page 49: Before Calling Tech Support MIDISPORT 8x8/s when attempting to reach Midiman Technical Support for help. Have the computer powered up, with the MIDISPORT 8x8/s Driver Disk and this manual close by.

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We integrate with 8x8 and provide advanced call analytics. From experience I usually find that the issue is either: 1) API access is not turned on 2) Some users have the regular 8x8 service and some have the call center service. On the Polycoms, when I hit the activate button, they call 389 and the activation service answers immediately and asks for the activation code.